Amanda Johnson
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Chloe,Sabrina and Felicity

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Luke Owens


Glee Club

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The Plan

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I Will Always Love You

Amanda Louise Johnson is a character in the fanfiction, Vocal Adrenaline - A New Start. Her audition song to join Vocal Adrenaline was I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton. Her clique is a dancer, a singer and an actress and she is often featured in movies but as a background character.

She is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Luke Owens.

Her character was auditioned by CrystallineSkies.

Season 1Edit

The PlanEdit

Amanda makes her first ever appearance on the story with her audition song and she got accepted by Jesse St James, the coach of Vocal Adrenaline. On the first Vocal Adrenaline meeting, she walks in late and almost immediately, a rivalry sparks between her and Sabrina Moreno.

Shortly after the meeting ended, she calls Luke Owens over to the auditorium and surprises him with a kiss but because he has feelings for Sabrina, Luke runs away, leaving Amanda heartbroken at the auditorium. Although she and Luke didn't notice, Sabrina was watching the entire time, now enraged and planning to get revenge on Amanda because Sabrina harbours a crush for Luke as well.

Amanda catches Luke in the courtyard and apologizes for what happened earlier; asking him to keep it a secret because Sabrina hit her because of the kiss. Luke pulls her behind a shrub and tells her that he wouldn't be with "a girl who punishes people for making silly mistakes", referring to Sabrina and he kisses her. Amanda was asked to run again before Sabrina could catch them by the bushes.


At a very young age, Amanda lost her father in an airplane crash and ever since then, she's always been sad and blue. She lives with only her mother and sadly, she couldn't spend much time with her because her mother was always working. Dancing and singing usually reminds Amanda of her father because he was a Broadway star and it helps her feel closer to him.

Amanda doesn't have a lot of friends because she's been classed a nerd in her old school. Eventually, she moved to Carmel High School and joined Vocal Adrenaline to honour her father's memory and because she loved dancing and singing a lot. Eventually, it became the biggest mistake of her life because of Vocal Adrenaline's tight and insane ways.


Amanda is quite gentle and kind but when in a bad mood, she is extremely sarcastic and she tends to boss people around. She always help people whenever they're in trouble, even if they are her enemies or someone she hates a lot.


Songs Sung By Amanda Role Episode
I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton Solo The Plan
We Found Love by Rihanna Solo The Disaster Assignment
I Look To You by Whitney Houston Backup (sang by Sabrina) The Disaster Assignment