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Luke,Amanda and Felicity


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The Plan

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Stand Out By Keke Palmer


Luke Owens

Sabrina Rosaline Moreno is a character in the Fanfiction:Vocal Adrenaline:A New Start. Her audition was Stand Out-Keke Palmer. She doesn't really have a clique but the gleeks, but she's ready to stand out and show people the real her. Her nick name is Bri or Brina.

She was created by SamcedesandKlaineForever.

Season 1Edit

The PlanEdit

She also found out about Luke and Amanda. That's when she decided to start a new leaf. She's not the same girl, she used to be.

The Disaster AssignmentEdit

She got mad at Luke and Amanda and almost quit. She then changed her mind and apologized to them. She also sang a song dedicated to Felicity and had Amanda even sing back-up.


She and Amanda had a sleepover and they sang River Deep, Mountain High


She is very quiet and kept to herself. If people got to know her, they'd see is a sweet, loving, kind and bubbly girl. But they don't. She has low self esteem issues. She hates how she looks and she thinks that all she has is flaws. She is a total humanitarian though. She loves to give back.

But now that Luke and Amanda are together, so she has decided to start a new leaf. She's sick of being that shy and quiet girl. It's time to stand out.


Her dad died when she was four and she lives with her younger brother Tyson and her mother, Anna. Tyson is her smart seven year old brother. They don't have a typical relationship, they almost never fight and he looks up to Sabrina a lot. Anna is her eccentric, loving mom who loves Sabrina and her brother to death. Ever since she was little, people found something wrong with her.Whether it was her personality,or the clothes she wore, people found things to talk about her.This lowered her self-esteem so she tends to herself and stays outside the crowd. The truth is though, that things have changed. If she actually spent more times focusing on the good, besides the bad, she would see people do think that she's really pretty. Guys even think she's cute. Like Luke who is crushing on her but is too shy to tell her.


Stand Out-Keke Palmer

I Look To You-Keke Palmer